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Office Bulletin – 17 November 2022

  Neilson Creek food pantry will be open soon for members in need of canned food and dry goods. We are always recognizing that families or single people may be […]

Office Bulletin – 2 Nov 2022

 Happy Fall I hope everyone is well. LOTS of notes and reminders.  Please read the entire Office Bulletin.  Thank you. ANNUAL FALL CLEAN UP IS THIS SATURDAY, November 5.  Out on your street!     […]

Office Bulletin – 29 August 2022

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I hope everyone had some time to enjoy our great – and warm – and dry, summer. Just a few reminders and […]

Office Bulletin – 28 July 2022

Hello and I hope everyone is doing well.                                    As always, lots of notes and lots happening around the Co-op! You would be surprised how busy both the staff and […]

Happy Pride Month

Pride Month is considered to be an important holiday, one that details the history of the LGBTQI community finding acceptance in the world. While it’s more widely accepted today than […]