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Board Newsletter – Spring 2019

by Deborah DiSalle

SPRING CLEANUP Saturday., May 11., 2019 9:00am RAIN OR SHINE Board Q&A May 11., 2019 10:30am Co-op Office Happy Spring everyone!!! Lots going on, lots to do! We hope that everyone will be enjoying the warm weather. • There was a sick raccoon spotted in 245. Please call 311 if you see any wild animal […]

Office Bulletin – April 18, 2019

by Deborah DiSalle

A few reminders and notes: -DO NOT dump any garbage at the garbage hut. Any garbage is to be on your front lawn only, for pick up. -DOG POOP -I have had several complaints about dog poop. They are: o People have not cleaned up their yard after allowing their dog to poop in the […]

Toronto Zoo is hosting an E-Waste Collection

by Deborah DiSalle

Toronto Zoo is hosting an E-Waste Collection at the Zoo on Saturday, April 27 & Sunday, April 28, 2019 9:30am – 3:00pm. This is a FREE event as the collection will be set up outside the gate and no admission is required. Over 50 million tonnes of e-waste is produced every year and only 15-20% […]

Office Bulletin – 8 April 2019

by Deborah DiSalle

There is always lots happening around the Co-op and I like to keep you as informed as possible. The way for you to keep informed, is to please read the office bulletin before you put it in recycling. Inspections are starting next Monday at 245 and progressing through 235. Through the hard work of the […]

Basketball Camp

by Deborah Disalle

Hi am Coach John, ex professional basketball player and currently coach with the city of Toronto at various communities and several Toronto community recreation programs.Am putting up a Basketball Camp that promises to be an experience of a life time for those new to basketball and those already playing. It will fast track skills development […]