SPRING CLEANUP Saturday., May 11., 2019 9:00am RAIN OR SHINE

Board Q&A May 11., 2019 10:30am Co-op Office

Happy Spring everyone!!! Lots going on, lots to do! We hope that everyone will be enjoying the warm weather.

• There was a sick raccoon spotted in 245. Please call 311 if you see any wild animal in distress.

• The Fire Department was in recently to visit us. They are very impressed with our fire safety measures, and how well we maintain our units. Needless to say, it is important for all of us to make sure that smoke alarm batteries are replaced twice a year, and that all alarms are replaced every ten years.

• How are you all liking the new internet service? There is a questionnaire attached, please fill it out and return to the office.

• Our newest members got together to talk about their vision for the co-op. Lots of great discussion and fantastic ideas. Thanks to them for stepping up

• We are dealing with some units in horrid condition, and some units that don’t communicate work orders quickly. Please, please, please, don’t wait for an inspection to get things fixed. If it needs attention, it’s your unit, your responsibility to put in a work order. Small issues can sometimes become big (and expensive!) issues quicker than we realize. We can email maintenance@neilsoncreek.com for work orders.

• The Board will be available after cleanup if you have any ideas about the co-op, especially participation, or just want to chat.


The inspection committee is working extremely hard. They are juggling their own schedules and lives to do what needs to be done. Remember, inspections are incredibly important, so that our units are kept in good condition. Please respect the time and effort put in. Work orders need to be put in as they happen, not right before an inspection. If the date and time given for your inspection don’t work for you, please let the office know when you get the notice, not a day or two beforehand.


If the committee calls you up for a discussion, there is a reason. Most members do what needs to be done, and pay their charges on time, all the time. Occasionally, a member has a situation that makes this difficult. The finance committee, and the Board if necessary, would like to do everything possible to help; however, when members don’t show up for a discussion, or refuse to communicate, it becomes a bigger issue and doesn’t inspire trust that they are willing to take responsibility.


Part of our responsibility as members is to provide a safe and satisfying work environment for our staff. This means that we are to treat them with respect, and recognize that they do a great job around here. They are not here to be yelled at or harassed. (Yes, this has happened!) Any complaints from our staff will be dealt with immediately by the Board.


Recently, a member stated, “We rent, we don’t own”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Renters don’t decide on housing charges, approve contracts, elect directors, or pay property taxes from their own pockets. When the Board sends out reports, it’s not to chastise or shame, it’s to inform you, the member, of issues that need your attention, as well as give you the tools to make good decisions about our property. In short, most of our neighbours are fantastic. We see them put aside time to go to meetings, communicate with other members, work outside, put together events, and generally work hard to make life wonderful around here, and we are grateful. It is up to the rest of us to do our part, to respect our neighbours and staff, and to remember to be the example instead of the exception.

Our co-op is in dire need. There is a big long list of things to do, and not enough members willing to do it.

Although there is a group of members that stepped up over the winter (and we can’t thank those people enough), we’re hearing that those who take care of our community are getting tired. And really, who can blame them?

This place is ours, and nobody else is going to work for it if we don’t. Some committees have members who don’t go to meetings, and are part of those committees in name only. Some committees haven’t done anything at all in months. Some members look elsewhere for leadership, when they should be looking at themselves.

Some of the things needed around here are listed below. Any other ideas?

Remember … we, the members, take care of these things so that we don’t have to spend more of our money hiring out. In a city of skyrocketing rents and scummy properties, let’s see if we can’t be better.


• Office Cleaning

• Tidying all common areas • Playground Cleanup

• Powerwashing the garbage hut driveways

• A/C cleaning

• Caulking drafty windows

• Office cleaning and painting

• Office filing

• Delivering newsletters

• Backyard Inspections Please call the office to contribute, and don’t forget to log it!


Please fill out and return to the office

  • Have you switched over to Rogers? Yes/No
  • Are you paying an extra $10 for gigabit speed? Yes/No
  • Go to www.fast.com. What is the number you see?
  • Are you having any problems with connecting or speed? If so, what are they?
  • Any other comments?