One of the best ways for Members to get actively involved in the running of the co-op is to sit on a committee. Committees are the Board of Directors’ assistants in handling specific tasks necessary to the ongoing operation of the co-op. There are many advantages to a well-organized committee system. Committees greatly lighten the directors’ heavy burden. By Making recommendations and regular progress reports, committees relieve the Board of hours of fact-finding and deliberation. By taking on and carrying out specific tasks, they facilitate the co-op’s orderly operation and reduce expenses through volunteer work. In addition the committee system ensures that all segments of the membership have an opportunity to get involved and provide a cross section of views.

  • Finance Committee

The Finance committee oversees all financial aspects of the Co-op. They review and deal with arrears, subsidy applications and help in preparation of the budget. They also oversee the monthly financial reports.

  • Membership Committee

The Membership Committee takes care of setting up the information sessions, interview potential new members and make recommendations to the Membership Committee and Board on those whe were interviewed.

  • Maintenance Committee / Hands-On

The Maintenance Committee makes recommendations and final decisions on work to be undertaken in the Co-op. Discuss maintenance issues that arise. The ‘hands-on’ portion of the maintenance committee actually get out and help do work. For example, shovel snow on weekends, help fix fences, and any other items that they are called upon to do.


  • By-Laws Committee

The By-Laws Committee ensures that our By-laws are up to date and comply with the Co-op Corporations Act and the changes made by our membership.

  • Social Committee

The Social Committee is a small group that oversees providing refreshments at the general meetings and spring and fall clean up. They also organize a Children’s Christmas Party and run a family bingo on a regular basis.


  • Inspection Committee

Once a year, the Inspection Committee checks each and every house to ensure it is kept up to Co-op standards. Every aspect of the unit that belongs to the Co-op including appliances, floors, walls, carpet, windows and much more are fully and thoroughly checked and a written report is made and filed in the Co-op office. Members are expected to undertake all deficiencies in a speedy manner.

  • Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee is very much a ‘hands on’ group that takes care of the flower beds and other planting and groundskeeping matters on the property.

  • Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee prepares a newsletter that is sent out to the members. It provides information on our Co-op as well as tid-bits for your house and about your community.

  • Rules Committee

The Rules Committee enforces any By-law infractions such as members parking where they should not, dogs out and not on a leash, kids playing road hockey and complaints from one neighbour about another.

  • Participation Committee

The Participation Committee keeps track of and ensures that all members are contributing either 4 hours permonth to the C-opand are active on a committee. Further, they record attendance at General Meetings and clean ups.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing the business of the Co-op. We are legally responsible to various levels of government, our members and our staff. A Board member is individually responsible to a committee, and we ensure the safe, legal and smooth operation of this Co-op. The Board of Directors meets every 2 weeks to ensure the business of the Co-op is taken care of.