March 29/18

Sach R. is no longer employed by Neilson Creek. We wish him all the best.

Thanks to those members who are out and cleaning up around the property. There is certainly lots of garbage out and about and if you could please take 10 minutes and clean up outside, it would be appreciated.

Inspections are moving along and the committee will be doing 235 soon. Please be ready.

“At the General Meeting on Tuesday, the housing charge increase of 1% was approved by the membership, effective June 1. Duct cleaning will be done in the spring, and the new streetlights will be ordered.
The firearm incident in 215 was also discussed; we would like to again reassure everyone that our co-op and our members are safe. We will continue to discuss the matter, and would like to thank those members that acted quickly to call 911.

We have also just today heard from the city about parking on Manse Rd. The signs are wrong. Parking/stopping is not allowed from 8-4, Monday to Friday. At all other times, we can park on the street for 3 hours, from the southern edge of Brant to Deanscroft on the west side, and from 245 to 215 on the east side. If a ticket issued, you can dispute it online at the City of Toronto website, quoting Toronto by-law 425-2014. At some point in the future, that bylaw may be changed, so we will update if/when that happens. Please remember that parking in the cul-de-sacs and in the garbage huts are still not allowed and will result in a very large ticket.

–Your board of directors”

Best wishes for a great long weekend and
Happy Easter