Quite a storm that passed through yesterday! Please check your yards and common areas and let me know if there are any shingles or aluminum that have blown off or any fences that have blown over. 245 street sign has blown off, but we are in the process of researching for new signage. Thanks.
There is lots of garbage blowing through the Co-op. If you would please pick up anything you can, it would be appreciated.

Neilson Creek will be advertising for a new maintenance worker. A few members have suggested they have someone to refer for the position. If so, please have them e-mail their resume to

We have been busy, busy, busy with new kitchen and bathroom installs. EVERYBODY is loving the work being done! I have never heard the word “LOVE” used so often as people referring to the new kitchens! I am very happy that everyone is loving the final outcome.

Please remember to pay your garbage bill if you have not yet.