First of all, I would like to introduce you to our new maintenance worker, Archie Wright. You will see him around the property and I am happy to say, he had already taken a chunk out of the work that was waiting to be done and there is lots, lots more waiting for him! Welcome Archie.

It seems that almost overnight we went from needing heat to craving the air conditioning.
There are a few reminders concerning running air conditioning efficiently.
– Make sure your furnace filter is changed monthly;
– Outside, the unit in your yard:
o Keep the weeds and tall grass away from the unit
o Don’t let your dog pee on the unit (fence it in if you must)
o Keep the hose off and away from the unit
o Clean the housing around the outside of the unit (broom off grass, etc)
– Turn OFF the water to your humidifier and turn the dial controlling the humidifier OFF. That dial is located up on the furnace, not too far away from the humidifier.
As always, if you need help, call or e-mail the office.

Paint vouchers will be available starting Monday. Please come to the office and pick up your paint voucher if you intend on painting.

Very disappointed to receive a picture last night that showed someone had let their small(ish) dog pee and poop on a front door pad at 215. Imagine. This would have happened around 8:15 or so on Wednesday night. To simply state that all dogs must be on a leash and you must pick up after your dog is redundant. What about being a considerate neighbor?
Similarly, if you have a dog and let your dog poop in the back yard, please pick up it regularly. Your neighbor would like to keep their window open and not smell your dog’s poop. THANKS.

Thanks to all those who helped out at clean up. The property certainly looked much better. Please keep up the great work in keeping the front and back of your units looking great!

We are in the process of fixing and replacing the fences that were damaged – primarily in the wind storm. The fencing companies are all busy as we have called a couple and no one has come out. Any reference you may wish to send our way would be appreciated.

** when new fencing is installed – DO NOT STAIN THE NEW FENCING. Thank you.

We are looking to hire one student for the summer. The student must be between 16 years and not yet 18 years old.
Please have them submit their resume to the office on or before June 16 and be available for an interview on June 18 in the evening. They will be contacted on the 18th with an interview time for that evening.

TICKS continue to be an ever growing issue in the area and throughout the province.
A couple of members have approached me about their children contracting ticks while out and about playing or on the property. Please read information on ticks. Bug spray with deet 20% or greater is encouraged.

If you have any extra dirt from you yard (for example if you are relaying patio stones) and want to dispose of it, please let me know. Dirt only. No rocks, etc.