Fall Clean Up
Saturday, November 10, 2018
9:00 a.m. on your street

** A reminder that everyone is obligated to participate in clean up.
Please clean up COMMON AREAS first. Your own front and back yards afterwards.
Leaf bags are available from your sign in person on your street.
Please make sure members and non members sign in if you are present and working at clean up. Regrets to be called or e-mailed.

Please leave the leaf bags on your front lawn for pick up. Do not put them at the garbage hut.

Coffee & hot dog, Tim Bits and hot chocolate will be provided after clean up!

* * * * *

A few members have volunteered for YARD INSPECTIONS. Please e-mail me, and I can give further details.


Do you participate? Possibly not? We have ways to help you participate. Right now, we need help cleaning the office, washing walls and more. We also would like to know if someone would paint part of the rec centre. There are a number of minor jobs to be done on common areas as well.
Please offer you help – and you will be fulfilling your participation obligation.

Halloween Wrap Up

A good time was had by everyone who attend the Halloween Fright Night.

Special thanks to Aliki for the planning and implementing the Halloween Fright House. She had fabulous help & ‘take charge’ from Barrie, Arris, Isabella, Iliana, Gabriella, Rhiannon, Corey, Paul, Martha, Nick, Wendy, LaToya, Jasmine & Johnny.

It takes many people to executive such a wonderful, fun filled event.

Winners of Fear Factor were:
In first place – Rhiannon & Jackson P.
2nd place – Jackson W. & Samantha B.

Thank you.
It takes many hands to have such a successful and fun event.

Just a reminder that to prepare for winter, you must disconnect all hoses at your house. Then you must drain the taps and shut off the water inside.
You do this to prevent your basement from being flooded in the spring.

After clean up, please cover your outside air conditioner for the winter with a secure plastic sheet or air conditioner cover.

Front and back yards will be inspected after fall clean up. Please make certain your properties are clean and tidy and pick up all dog poop. Thanks.