Finally, spring is here.

It has been a long and difficult winter in many ways so I am happy to see more sunshine, warmer weather and no more snow (hopefully). When I drive around the property it is evident that there is a lot of cleaning up to do. Much of the clean up is at the front of many, many of the houses. Please take the time to clean up the outside both front and back of your house. The office has received complaints -from your neighbours -about the unkept state of some units. Look at the front and back -does it need to be cleaned up? FYI -yard waste collection has already began. The next yard waste pick up will be Tuesday, April 2.

Subsidy Renewals -all subsidy renewals were to have been returned to the office at the beginning of March. If you have not returned the paperwork, there will be no subsidy for you.

We are continuing to get pricing on fences. Believe it or not, it is a complicated process for something that appears so simple. This is one of the things being brought to the maintenance committee at their meeting in 2 weeks. Please CLEAN UP YOUR YARDS. All the fencing from #44 -56 and #67 -79 will be totally replaced. The back and sides fences will be replaced. It is important that YOU CLEAN UP YOUR YARDS.

General Meeting

Thank you to those members who attended the 15 minute (or less) meeting to approve the budget. FYI -57 members neither attended nor sent their regrets. A reminder that should you be unable to attend a GM because of work, illness or other, you are to send your regrets to the office. On a positive note, it was great to see 11 new members attend the GM!!


The inspection committee is meeting next week to hand out inspections starting at 245 then 235.

Please be ready for the inspection and courteous to those hard working members of the inspection committee.


This would be a very good time to place work orders PRIOR to the inspection. The inspection committee will be doing follow up’s where necessary. Let’s make their follow up work less. You can be prepared and not require any follow up.

Call the office to place a work order, or e-mail, or e-mail if you have questions.

Just for your information

Archie has worked on over 30 humidifiers and got them properly working. Lots of new faucets have been installed because of major leaking and damage caused by the leaking faucets. Going through the many, many work orders, you will see: doorbells,. laundry cartridges leaking, sinks needing to be fastened, door stops missing, lots of kitchen drains replaced: lots of clogs in bathroom and kitchen sinks, screen doors handle replacements; door sweeps, leaking of water from toilet into dining room, shut off valves, lights to be changed, caulking, screens, stove burners, sliding patio door handle, noisy pipes, replace front door handle and deadbolt, fasten loose toilets, and the list goes on.

We have had to have a great number of furnaces replaced this fiscal year. Due to several major storms, there has been extensive roof eaves and downspout repairs. ‘ Kitchen replacements are ongoing and members are very happy. Hardwood floors refinished. Kitchen floors replaced. And so much more.

Lots of work done on the property and lots to be done.