Happy Summer!

Various bits and notes and reminders:

  • Thanks for supporting the Social Committee when they came selling tickets for the Mother’s and Father’s day baskets.

Winners of Father’s Day are: #103 – Kenneth Cole shirt; #49 – bbq accessories; #10 – bottle of spirits

Winners of Mother’s Day are: #66 –  mani/pedi; #46 – wine

  • Thanks to the diligent and hard working members of the Inspection Committee.

  • Please remember that you cannot make improvements to the unit without the approval of the Maintenance Committee.
  • CAMERAS – most of the new cameras are now installed and the quality is fabulous.
  • Summer Students – we are looking for a summer student ages 16 – 18 for the position of assistant maintenance. It involves outdoor maintenance, grass, cleaning, painting and other tasks assigned. Monday through Thursday, $13.50 per hour.  Please submit resume to the office by 5:00 Monday, June 25 if you are interested.
  • BELL will be in during August to install fiberoptic. They will be coming in through the back yards.  Clear and clean access to your yard is necessary.
  • Please don’t feed the racoons!!!
  • Paint vouchers are available from the office. Paint for your fence is also available.

P A R T I C I P A T I O N – what do you contribute to the Co-op? 
We have many different areas that you could assist with.  Look out your window at the common areas.  Clean, cut, trim, water and more.