Great things happening around the Co-op in so many ways.
Thanks for the great work of the maintenance committee, social committee, newsletter committee and upcoming rules committee.
The results of the clean up are amazing. You all did a great job!

– New housing charges effective June 1 (if by cheque due in the office by May 25 post dated to June 1)

2 bedroom is $901 + $18 to update last month’s deposit
3 bedroom is $1003 + $20 to update last month’s deposit
4 bedroom is $1106 + $22 to update last month’s deposit

Dangers of Using Extension Cords – 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid
1. Using the wrong gauge of extension cord
2. Using an ungrounded extension cord
3. Using an extension cord that is too long
4. Plugging too many electrical devices into an extension cord
5. Using extension cords not approved for use in Canada

Often seen is that you have too many extension cords plugged in and pig tailed off another one. This is not safe for you – not safe for your neighbour if you have a fire.

Again, there have been vehicles broken into or the handles flipped to see if they can gain access.
Please be aware. Because of an individual’s door bell camera and the Co-op cameras, we were able to provide great photos to the police.
Your part – I have probably said it a thousand times, please leave your exterior lights on all night. It does not cost very much money at all. If you leave your exterior lights on, you are not as easy a target as your neighbours.
It is suggested that you include turning on your exterior lights in your night time routine before going to bed.

Last call for you to pick up your paint vouchers. No vouchers will be available nor will they be honoured at the store after May 31.

If you live here – you cannot use a parking pass in any vehicle you drive. I have been instructed to have vehicles that are consistently here – week after week, month after month – ticketed. These vehicles are noted on the security firm’s log.

In closing, everyone is reminded that they – the members – are responsible for those in their household and those that visit their households. This is a family community and people do not want to tolerate violence, intimidation and bad neighbours.
Lately, we have suggested on a number of occasions that members contact the police. The office also has contacted the police and they will be patrolling on a regular basis. That, coupled with our security firm, will hopefully keep everyone safe.