Hello and I hope everyone is doing well.                                   

As always, lots of notes and lots happening around the Co-op! You would be surprised how busy both the staff and Board members are.   Last week the membership committee met and as always – members of the maintenance committee are out and about helping where possible.


       We have been in touch with and meeting with engineers concerning a ‘building envelope renovation’.  The Board, various members of the maintenance committee and staff have met with the engineers and some have checked out other Co-ops. This is  by far the largest renovation project we have ever undertaken.  In part, it would mean removing and replacing over 750 windows.

        1.  Window replacement; All windows;

2.  Re-siding work with insulation upgrade; Removing all siding;

3.  Installation of new air barrier;

4.  Complete replacement of metal and wood soffit panels with 100% perforated metal soffit panels;

5. Installation of foam insulation to the entrance overhangs and bay window soffit to eliminate the air leakage;

6. Modification of eavestrough and downspout to accommodate the new siding system. In replacing the siding and window systems of the buildings, CMS focusses on the following consideration and aspects.


The exterior drawings have been viewed and colour choices have been assessed.

It is estimated that the cost will be $4 million.  This means that we will have to place a mortgage on the Co-op that will, of course, be paid by the members.


This work should provide you with a more comfortable, warmer home in the winter, cooler in the summer home.  It will also be designed with a very suitable colour palate.


The scope of the project will take about 1 and ½ years to complete.  We are in the early stages and we are all working diligently to provide the best products and workmanship for you.

Details will follow as they unroll.



⃝        Please change your furnace filters.  There have been a  number of service calls because your furnace filters are plugged and it means the air conditioner kicks off.


⃝        Front and back yard inspections are underway.  While many have lovely and well tended yards, it is a disappointment when you drive in and see nothing but weeds and unkept front lawns. 

            I have received MANY complaints that people don’t cut their grass or weeds, as the case may be.  Entering the Co-op should make everyone proud.  Look around.  Are you proud?

            It is very disappointing that our older seniors are experiencing difficulty in cutting their front and their more youthful neighbours won’t or don’t cut the common grass.  This week, we sent our students to cut a few lawns for our more elderly seniors.  Remember why you wanted to live here?  Everyone said because it was a caring community.  Everyone said they would pitch in.  Everyone said they liked the look of the Co-op.


⃝        Did you borrow the Co-op wheel barrow and forget to return it?  If you have it, please return it immediately.


⃝        No improvements/renovations etc. to your house without the permission of the Maintenance Committee.  That means, no changing floors, no changes to the basement, etc.


⃝        Our summer students are making great headway on painting garage door frames.  Your co-operation is required as all the doors at 209 and 245 are left to be done. 


⃝        Housing charges – if paying by e-transfers – are due on or before the first of the month.  Anything received after the 1st is a late charge.


⃝        The students reported that there are a number of dog poop bags being left around the property.  Do you know that each day, they take a garbage bag out and pick up garbage.  Considering it is every day – you might be surprised at how much garbage they pick up.  People in visitor parking are often inconsiderate as well.


⃝        The Co-op has had a tree company in.  While there are many trees that are old and failing miserably, we are not allowed to cut them down.  Accordingly, particularly behind 209, we will be trimming trees.   The entire property has been reviewed for what is necessary to be trimmed.  ** Notice ** They should be in within a couple of weeks and trim trees.


⃝        VISITOR PARKING – 209 AND 215 in particular.  If you live here or if you are a long term guest – YOU ARE NOT TO USE A VISITOR PARKING PASS.  No exceptions.  Remove the passes from  your car window immediately.  You don’t want to be surprised with a ticket.



Best wishes for a happy and safe long weekend.