Summer is quickly coming to an end and I hope everyone had some time to enjoy our great – and warm – and dry, summer.

Just a few reminders and updates.
To the many members who do such a wonderful job keeping your houses inside and outside in a good state/condition. From cutting grass, weeding and planting flowers to painting, repairs and keeping an overall good unit and taking care of the Co-op property that belongs to all of you. You are thanked. Look around. It is obvious to see who puts the time and effort into keeping up their homes.
Special thanks to those who have kept beautiful gardens and to those who really made an effort to improve the outside of their homes. Pictures were sent off to CHFT of the beautiful gardens in Neilson Creek. We entered all your beauties in a garden contest. We will wait to see what comes back.
Don’t forget the two vegetable and herb gardens behind #65 and #80. Please help yourself.

Please don’t forget to change your furnace filter on a regular basis.

Garbage in visitor parking and misuse of visitor parking passes continues to be an issue. No one who lives in your unit can use a visitor parking pass. If this isn’t clear, please feel free to call the office and I will explain further. NO ONE WHO LIVES IN THE CO-OP CAN USE A PASS.
I hope it is not members who are throwing food and drink containers out of their car and leaving it in visitor parking, but it is certainly happening on a regular and consistent basic. Please take your garbage home with you or put it in a City of Toronto receptacle.

If you could please clean around your fencing, it would be appreciated. There are areas where the weeds are several feet high. Also, some people have golden rod growing. Many are highly allergic, so you may wish to pull them out. Please clean the areas up.

Fencing – the request for Call Before You Dig was put in a number of months ago for several projects around the Co-op. We are still waiting for them to come out. As soon a they do, the fences along the south part of the property on 209 will all be replaced. This is a major hold up for a number of projects around the Co-op.

How long have you lived in Neilson Creek? If you have lived here since the beginning, that means you have been here 41 years. Are you 59 years old as well? That mean you qualify for the Century of Co-operation recognition.
If your age and number of years you have lived here – add up to 100, please let me know. Thanks.

When you agreed to live at Neilson Creek, you wanted to do so because of the nice neighbourhood, ability to be involved through participation, because it is well kept, and the housing charges are the lowest in the City. All those things are the same, BUT, are YOU participating? When I do a brief check, there are more than ½ the households not participating and of those who do participate, some houses have more than one person participating.
Where does your household sit insofar as participation or not participating? The Co-op most certainly can do with your helping out. There is always a long list of things to do or ways to help and join in. Let me know what you will do.
Also, we are looking to jump start the inspection committee. Some may be in person – others will be inspecting through two I PADs. Things are changing and so are inspection methods. Are you willing to join in the inspection committee? Please let me know.

Thanks to our three summers students. They did a good job and I think they also enjoyed themselves. Thanks to Abigail, Jaden and Mckenna.