I hope everyone is well.  It continues to be busy at the Co-op.  The Board meets every two weeks and deals with a variety of items – all for you, the members.  Never underestimate the amount of events, policies, by-laws and general inquiring that they are responsible for.  The Board ‘governs’ the Co-op and I manage on your behalf.  It is our pleasure and honour.


          Every member at Neilson Creek needs to take part in helping maintain and/or actively participate in some way.  Examples may be, help shovel & salt common walkways on the evenings and weekend.  Join or help start a committee.  For example, there has been interest in starting up the newsletter committee.  The inspection committee will be re-starting property inspections.  The maintenance committee will be coming back on board.  The social committee is preparing for Children’s Christmas, and as always the finance committee meets, via Zoom.


          What do you do to contribute to the Co-op in a positive way?  Please give it some thought.  Remember – you did sign on for active participation in the Co-op.



            Please remember to check and or take care of the following:


Ø  Your air conditioner should be TURNED OFF at both the thermostat and the circuit breaker.

Ø  Your air conditioner in your back yard should be COVERED.

Ø  Turn OFF THE HOSE IN YOUR GARAGE AND BACK YARD.  Drain them and turn the faucet back on.

Ø  Change your furnace filter regularly.  If you buy cheap filters

Ø  Keep an eye out for leaking faucets and water running in the toilet.  Call the office immediately and place a work order.






–     In accordance with the BY-LAWS, you are allowed a MAXIMUM of two (2) adult pets.  That does not include pets that are ‘contained such as fish & birds.  Members must register their pets and provide proof of inoculation for all pets to the office.

–     Many, many furnaces have been replaced in the past year.  A number of them were rotted out due to water from the air conditioner leaks into the furnace and then on to the basement floor.  If your furnace is leaking from any spot, call a work order in to the office.  Some of these $6,000.00 charges could have been prevented.

–     VISITOR PARKING areas continue to be problems.

There are people coming from outside and dumping items.  There are people coming from outside and drinking beer and smoking up, and then dumping their garbage.  There are visitors coming and dumping their garbage and fast food stuff in visitor parking.    There are signs that they are on surveillance video.  Do they not see the signs and continue to do really foolish things like noted above and pee outside their vehicle and more?  Please keep your eyes open.

–     Drug paraphernalia has again been seen in the Co-op.  Again, please keep your eyes open.   We have far too many children around to allow the behavours as noted above.

–     LEAVES – please clean up your leaves.  They can be dangerous when slippery and wet and also they are great housing/nesting for mice & rats. 

–     Please make sure your vehicles are pulled up in your driveway and no vehicle overhangs the roadway. 

–     The weather is supposed to be nicer later this week.  If members – particularly at 235 – could get out and clean up the vegetable/herb gardens, it would be appreciated.

–     Disturbances at 245 (particularly) seems to be an ongoing concern.  It is reported that there is loud partying and noise, up until almost 4:30 a.m sometimes.  Boys jumping over fences.  Members sitting out, being loud, leaving cigarette butts and other garbage out around members homes.  PLEASE be considerate. 


§  Please turn over ….





A few weeks ago, a man – wearing a Champion hoodie, entered a unit through the front door.  This happened well into the night.  He went into the basement area and looked around.  He then proceeded to leave, again through the front door.  Imagine!  Again, I repeat – KEEP YOUR OUTSIDE LIGHTS ON AND YOUR DOORS LOCKED.  Of course this matter was reported to the police.

Two weeks prior to that, several vehicles on the property were broken into.  Also reported to the police.


LIGHTS – please keep them on.  It costs only pennies.


The social committee is working on gifts for those under 18 who reside in the Co-op.  If you have any changes you would like us to note, please forward it to the office.  While the children can’t see Santa in person here, he still remembers to give them a gift from Neilson Creek.


SNOW, yep, snow!

As we saw this past weekend, we got snow!  Thankfully, our plow contractor was out and took care of the snow and he salted.

PATHS – it would be appreciated if those from 209 through to 235 could please help out in shoveling and salting the paths.  There are salt bins placed along the paths to be used for common area pathways. Through the week Archie takes care of this, but on evenings and weekends, we really need you to help.  Please record the area you did and the date and let the office know. 

During Covid, it is very evident that the amount of delivery service people who come in has dramatically increased.  Also, the mailman comes daily.  Please make sure you shovel your driveway and salt it as well.  It snowed yesterday morning and there are a number of member driveways/walkways that have not yet been shoveled or salted.


I want to bring to your attention that the cost of a number of big budget items for Neilson Creek have increased beyond what we ever would have thought or budgeted for.  For example, insurance has increased about 10%.  That alone would mean a 1% increase in housing charges.  Our property taxes have increased substantially, meaning that would effectively increase housing by at least 2%.   Just wait till there is a re-assessment of our property!  Water consumption and cost has increased.


                                                                                          …. Please turn



         All improvements – except painting – must be brought to the office for maintenance approval, prior to you doing anything.



In January, there will be a general meeting held to discuss a new by-law concerning cannabis cultivation.  Advice has been sought from the lawyer, insurance company, Federation, Health Canada and engineers. Times are changing and the Co-op is keeping up with the times.

On November 17, 2021, a notice went out asking those who are growing cannabis to please advise the Co-op.  No one came forward. 


A reminder that our neighbourhood has ticks.  Last night I was told that a dog had a tick that was removed.  You need to be careful when walking your dog.  Lyme disease is real and often debilitating.  Be aware.  Be careful.



Get ready for inspections to start in January. Notices will be sent out.



I have noticed that many members have started to put out their Christmas lights and it looks lovely.  At some point, just before Christmas, a group will go around to look at the lights and see about awarding ‘best decorations’ to each street. 

I am excited to see all the streets lit up!



If at any time you wish to reach the office, please call or e-mail.