I hope all are keeping well.

A few Co-op updates and reminders:

  • We have had a few furnaces seemingly not work lately.  It turns out, the furnaces are fine, but the thermostat needed a new battery.  There is a battery located in your thermostat that controls your furnace and air conditioning unit.  The battery is a AA (double A). 
  • Thanks to all those who have been so great in clearing snow in such an appropriate manner.  Thanks also to those who get out and salt the pathways!  Appreciated.  Please tell us when you are out participating.
  • INTERNAL MOVES – If you wish to have an internal move, you must meet the following criteria (as always) – you must not be in arrears; your house must be in decent condition and you must participate.  If you do not participate, you will be by-passed this time.
  • RULES – lately, I have received a number of complaints from members – about members.  The complaints are about threatening, people growing cannabis, selling drugs, noise, parking, and much more. 

It is your responsibility to contact the police where required.  911 if it is an emergency or 416-808-2222 if it is a non-emergency.

Visitor parking passes are for visitors only.  Tickets will be issued to those using parking passes incorrectly.  

  • Reminder – 2 pet maximum per house in accordance with the By-laws.
  • CANNABIS Cultivation By-law was passed by members.  

A copy will be sent to you shortly.  

You are permitted to grow up to 4 plants outside you unit.  

You are not allowed to grow cannabis in your house.

REMEMBER:  If you are currently growing cannabis – you must remove it from your house immediately.  Whether you are growing in your basement, or kitchen or bedrooms – you must remove it.  This is an offence that is cause for eviction. 

If you have a medical reason to grown cannabis, you may present it to the Board for an exception

  • Budget time is coming up.  If you have any input, please let the office know.
  • The By-laws state that everyone is supposed to have house insurance.  If you would like a quote from Co-operators, call 1-800-387-1963.  for quotes and coverages for members.  Get a quote and receive a $20.00 gift card.
  • If I do not have the e-mail address for all MEMBERS in your household, please forward them to me.
  • You are reminded that participation of members is part of the core values of Co-op living.  You live in a Co-op and are expected to participate.  If is also your responsibility to let the office know if you participate.  I know the Board and Finance Committee participate and a few people who salt and or shovel.  

Please let me know if you participate and what you do.  Thanks.

  • Paint vouchers are still available for a few more months.  If you do not have one, please make arrangements to pick one up at the office.
  • Bell – it would appear that all houses except for 1 have signed up for Bell services.  A reminder that Bell TV and internet are included in your housing charges.  If you are having difficulty signing up, please contact the office.
  • If you are interested in a free Enbridge programmable thermostat and can install it yourself, check out
  • SNAKE skin at 209.  Last week, there was a 3’long snake skin found on a front lawn.  If you have “pet” snakes, please make sure your shed skin is properly in the garbage.
  • I have just received the ‘next’ series of garbage bills to cover the period January through March.  You will receive them next week.
  • West Rouge Housing Co-op is looking for a part time maintenance worker.  If interested forward your resume and cover letter to: westrougehousingcooperative@gmail.com
  • Enjoy the upcoming Family Day weekend.