First of all, I would like to thank the Social Committee for the wonderful Seniors’ Tea Brunch that was held on Monday, July 10.  It was absolutely amazing!! Everyone had such a beautiful time.  The turn out was great and everything was perfect!

While the entire Social Committee  had a hand in this, a special thanks to Barrie, Aliki, Tricia and Tristan.  They did a great job. 

Thanks also to Sabrina who spearheaded the idea and Winsome who strongly encouraged and helped out at the tea.


Hopefully, the Social Committee will hold other events that are so successful.  T H A N K S ! ! ! !


I have entered the Co-op in CHFT’s gardening awards.  We have entered both for flowers and vegetable gardens!  I am excited to be sending the pictures off as your entry. 

The vegetable gardens – both community and back yards are great.  The gardens are flourishing and I am told providing salads, herbs and vegetables.

The flowers are so colourful and also doing well.  Looks great!



  • Our students will be painting the lines in visitor parking next week. 
  • The A/C cleaning is continuing.
  • We have found broken glass and food containers in visitor parking.  This means it is either members or your visitors being disrespectful.  Please speak to your visitors/household members and ask that they are respectful about garbage.
  • Food Pantry – we established a food pantry last fall.  A few items to note – there are still some food items in the cupboard for any/all who are in need.  Please feel free to help yourself to what is there.  DONATIONS – we are in need of more food to replenish the cupboards.  Please drop off donations in the laundry room of the office.
  • BOOK SHELF – Neilson Creek has a decent supply of novels in the upstairs meeting room.  Anyone can come and borrow books. Please help yourself.
  • HERB & VEGETABLE gardens are ready for you to help yourself.  Dill, green onions, basil, oregano, thyme, lettuce, chives, and so much more.  Please help yourself to the community gardens.


Neilson Creek is a viable, amazing community with caring individuals.  Embrace all the goodness that Neilson Creek has to offer.