Well we have been enjoying such nice weather for the past while. I hope it holds through for the long Thanksgiving weekend.


Lots of notes and points.  I strongly encourage you to read them as I guarantee you that some apply to you!


  • Please change your furnace filter on a regular basis.  We are finding that because of dirty filters, furnaces are breaking down.  In that vein, we are starting at 245 next Wednesday to clean furnaces and outdoor condensing units.  Please make sure your back yard unit is not yet covered.  I will give notice about the day and time they will be coming to do the cleaning.


  • Some exterior lights are on through the night and I thank you for that.  That is a great security measure for everyone.  I see that while some houses have one exterior light on, often a light over the garage is not working.  Please check your bulbs.  Also, it would be a good idea to keep your back yard light on as well.  There are creepy people walking around the property when it gets dark outside.


  • Work orders – if you need something looked at in your unit, please call/write the office with a work order. Archie is happy to do the work.


  • NO GREASE or other stuff down your kitchen or laundry room drain.  We have had a number of calls for the plumber to come in for clogged drains.  The cost is around $500.00 for each of these calls.  PLEASE do not put ‘stuff’ down the drain.  We may have to charge members if this continues.


  • CHFT Diversity Scholarship is being offered.  If you are in post secondary, consider applying.  If you are a young or older, feel free to apply.


  • I applied for and received $9,000 reimbursement towards our summer students costs!  Yea!


  • Starting on Tuesday, CMS Building Consultants will be on site reviewing 11 units.  The following week, CMS will be on site reviewing the outside of units and common areas.


  • After the furnaces are cleaned, please cover your outside air conditioner unit.


  • The office is STILL trying to collect outstanding garbage money.  PLEASE pay up.  You have no idea how hard it is to collect garbage bin money!  That being said, I just received 105 more garbage bills to be sorted and sent out to members.


  • Fall clean up is scheduled for Saturday, November 4.  More details will follow.  If you wish yard waste bags, they are available in the Co-op office laundry room.


  • Please return the CMS forms you received this week.  It is important to keep the houses up.


  • I am really happy to see that there are more people coming forward asking to volunteer.  Co-ops are based on volunteers and run better and most cost effectively when volunteers are involved.  Everyone thought participating in the Co-op was a great idea when they moved in.  It is still a great idea.


  • Thanks to those who worked hard on their gardens and common areas.  I submitted your pictures to CHFT for awards and am waiting for the results.


  • Please remember that you cannot store a propane tank in your garage.  Not allowed by the City of Toronto. 


  • Get ready!! Unit inspections are about to begin.


  • Visitor parking is for visitors.  Please make sure they have a visitor parking pass. Passes are not for members to use a visitor pass.  If you are unsure of the rules, please call the office.  Also, the rules are posted in visitor parking.


  • Toxic Taxi  On Wednesday, October 18, we will open 235 garbage hut from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ONLY to collect PAINT CANS and dispose of them for you.  Please leave your old paint cans just inside the garbage hut at that day/time only.  Thanks.


  • Thanks to those who decided to run for the Board of Directors.  We are fortunate to have members who are willing to give up their time (it is quite a time commitment) and contribute to the Co-op in such a meaningful way.  



Happy Thanksgiving


The following is from the Social Committee