Happy Tuesday!


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving – no matter how you celebrated 😊


Message from the Inspection Committee:


To all members who have not yet had their 2023 inspection, (all of 209, half of 215 and some others) Wendy will be coming around on Tuesday and/or Wednesday evening to schedule your inspection date and time. If you will not be home to chose your inspection date, please email Wendy to schedule.

Inspections will take place from October 23-27 and the following week if necessary. Going forward, 2024 inspections will be completed in spring, March and April, to avoid doing them in the Fall and winter.

We are hoping that if the members choose their inspection date and time there will be less or no rescheduling and no show appointments.


The Co-op’s insurance company requires additional liability insurance if you are holding an event and there will be wine/beer/alcohol available.

The member has options to choose their own insurance company for arranging the liquor liability insurance. The member may directly contact the following link and provide proof to the Co-op:


  1. Here is the website link for DUUO: https://duuo.ca
  2. Party Alcohol Liability(PAL) for events held in the housing Coop: https://www.palcanada.com/index.php/en-us/event-hosts/party-alcohol-liability


Archie has marked out trees that will be tended to by the tree company.  If you see a yellow marking on a tree – don’t be worried.


Toxic Tax collection for PAINT CANS ONLY will be on Wednesday, October 18 at 235 Manse garbage hut.  It will be open from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m . ONLY.    If you are available and would like to tend to the hut so it can be open later than 3:00 p.m., please let the office know.  If the hut is not open, please do not leave paint cans outside the hut.


Another reminder that Fall Clean up will be held on Saturday, November 4.  This lines up with yard waste pick up the following Tuesday. If you wish to get bags earlier, they are available in the office laundry room.


Participation – where do you commit either 4 hours per month hands on, or time on a committee?  That is the responsibility of every member in the Co-op.  Please let the office know where you are interested in contributing.


Furnace cleaning starts next Wednesday at 245.  Prior notice is given.  Please make sure you are either home or have given permission to enter. 


CMS Building engineers were here this morning inspecting the inside of a number of units.  Thanks so much to those members who co-operated.  It is appreciated.

Next week they will return to review/inspect the exterior of the property.


Please return the CMS Neilson Creek Unit Survey Questionnaire you received two weeks ago.  It is important to have your input.


On a personal note, I want to thank everyone who is so co-operative, respectful and kind in their actions.  This is a ‘small’ community and really needs people to be kind.  

It comes down to small things – like obeying rules of the Co-op, keeping  your house well kept and clean (everything that belongs to the Co-op  (inside & out), participating in a meaningful and kind way, helping your neighbours – as I saw last weekend -, and generally just being the good individual that you want your neighbours to be.


As a side note – please be advised that the speed bumps will be removed soon.  It is up to each and everyone that drives to SLOW down. I see members on this cul de sac drive too fast.  I also see and have loudly spoken to couriers/delivery persons to slow down.    Further, it is imperative that children learn that the internal road ways are roads.  There are a number of play areas on each cul de sac that we strongly encourage children to play on.


Let’s ensure this is the strong, safe and family Co-operative community that it was built to be. Neilson Creek is different – in a better way. Remember and keep it that way.