I have been searching for funding and JUST GOT APPROVED to hire two summer students!  That is very exciting.

We will be hiring two students, ages already 16 but not yet 18 years of age.

It entails working on the grounds as well as cleaning around the office and painting.

If you are interested please submit your resume to the office by Friday, June 16 and be available for interview Monday, June 19.

The hours will be Monday through Thursday 9 – 4:00 p.m.

Rate of pay – $12.00 per hour.

Must be available to register and attend a 20 hours of paid workshop training offered by YMCA before July 3.

Air conditioning units – please make sure there is no grass or weeds growing  around the unit.  Also, do if you have a dog, make sure there is a fence of some description to make sure your dog doesn’t pee on the outside coils.  This will destroy the unit and you will have no air conditioning.

Clean up your back yard, if it is not yet done.  I have had complaints that neighbours are not picking up their dog poop and the smell is very unpleasant to neighbours; have had complaints that various yards are full of junk and very untidy; complaints that grass if very long and not cut/trimmed.  Please clean up your yard for your neighbours, if not yourself. Thanks.

COYOTE – has been seen just east of 209 (into the field area).  Be careful with children out and small dogs.

There is a March of Dimes notice in the office if you are disabled and looking for a job. Come and check it out.

FIREWORKS The Social Committee will be having a fireworks display on July 1.  All are invited.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE is out selling tickets to the Father’s Day gift set.  We appreciate all who purchase tickets, irrespective of the gift as all proceeds go to activities mostly for the children of the Co-op.  Thank you.