209 & 215 – Members Complaining about visitor parking

VISITOR PARKING continues to be a problem, on all streets, but particularly at 209 and 215. I have been told that visitors have nowhere to park because residents are using all the spots. Some of those residents are CHEATING and using a visitor parking pass. You are reminded, that if you live here, you are NEVER allowed to use a visitor parking pass in a vehicle you drive. Your neighbours are reporting you to the office and rules committee and they are not pleased. You will receive a ticket, even if you use a pass in your vehicle.

Some members have been parking on Coronation and are finding it a good alternative – and the tickets are cheaper.

A few reminders:

– You need to change your furnace filter on a regular basis – even in the summer. Dirty filters makes your house dirty and if you have allergies, they will be worse.

– ‘IMPROVEMENTS” to your unit need to be approved by the maintenance committee. Submit your request in writing to the office.

– MISSING from the garage/shed: Rakes Tamper Post hole digger Electric weed eater and more.

If you have any of these items or anything else belonging to the Co-op, please return it immediately.

Also, please remember that you must sign out equipment that you borrow. The sign out sheet is in the shed. Thank you.

– While arrears are under control – and I thank you for that – we still have some families who never pay on time. Some need to make a greater effort to pay their housing charge on time and in full.

– GARBAGE BIN MONEY – every house has received at least two notices about garbage bin money is due to the Co-op. Many households still have not paid. PLEASE pay the garbage bin money immediately.

– YARDS & GRASS – several times a week members come to the office to legitimately complain about a neighbours front or back yard.

Are they complaining about you?

Take a look outside.

Is your grass neatly cut and trimmed?

Do you have ‘stuff’ around the front of your house making it look unkept?

Does your back yard look like a disaster?

Please clean up around your unit.

Most people are very property proud and you are thanked.