There is always lots happening around the Co-op and I like to keep you as informed as possible. The way for you to keep informed, is to please read the office bulletin before you put it in recycling.

  • Inspections are starting next Monday at 245 and progressing through 235. Through the hard work of the inspection committee, 235 and 245 inspections should be completed by the end of April.
  • NO installing alarms or changing locks without the permission of the maintenance committee. All requests must come through the office.
  • New street lights = savings to the Co-OP..-You will recall that we installed new street lights last year. Here is the savings that we are recognizing:
  • Jan 2018 447 Kw hours
  • Jan 2019 247 Kw hours
  • Feb 2018 374 Kw hours
  • Feb 2019 188 Kw hours
  • Mar 2018 334 Kw hours
  • Mar 2019 171 Kw hours

That saving in kilowatt hours equals saving of money!


Please remernber that you are responsible for your contents insurance. If there is a fire and your contents are damaged or destroyed, only your insurance will replace your belongings.

Neither your neighbour nor the Co-op is responsible.

Co-operators Insurance provides MemberGuard insurance.

If you wish a quote, call 1-800-387-1963.

Last month’s deposit update.

All members must provide a cheque in the amount of $37.00 to update your last month’s housing charge on deposit. This is separate from your monthly housing charge amount. Please pay this amount with your May housing charge or earlier.

The housing charge effective January 1, 2019 is as follows:

  • 2 bedroom $874.00
  • 3 bedroom $973.00
  • 4 bedroom $1,073.00

It would be appreciated if you put these full amounts on one cheque you submit.

Thanks again to Kenny for all he continues to do at 245. We are very fortunate that he does so much. Also, I wish to thank Peter Joncas for his hands on work. Kenny & Peter replaced all the 2 bedroom hydro meter covers and worked behind 245 to clean up the mess. That yielded over 50 yard waste bags and countless bundles of branches.

I also want to extend my thanks to those who have been out on other streets and cleaning on common areas. It is that type of participation that helps save money.

Would you be interested in automatic pre-authorized monthly withdrawal for your housing charges? A number of members have indicated that it would be easier and less costly (they don’t have to purchase and write cheques and they would not be accidentally late). Let me know if you are interested. It would work like any pre-authorized payment you make for car insurance, life insurance, hydro, gas, etc.

Please let me know:


Over the past couple of months, the security cameras have proven to be a great asset.

There was a stolen BMW that came several times and parked in 235 visitor parking. That person brought another vehicle with people on the property as well.

Through the watchful eyes of several members, we were able to take all the relevant information (license plates, faces, etc), put it on a CD and give it to the Toronto Police.

Last week, someone came on the property and a vehicle followed. There appeared to be an exchange made in 209 visitor parking. That too is clearly caught on the security cameras. It was copied and given to Toronto Police.

It is through co-operation like this -members/office/security cameras/ police, that we are able to maintain a safe community.


You are encouraged to use the following to send your work orders: or

Our web page is

Check it out for updates on community events,jobs, etc.