Just a reminder of a few items:

– Please remember to drain the hose bibs in your garage and back yard. You certainly don’t want a flood, especially at this time of year.
– SMOKE ALARMS – please remember to change the batteries in your smoke alarms. This if for your safety and that of your neighbours.
– Safety – dryer lint build up inside your dryer can be a hazard. Lint builds up inside the dryer between the drum and the dryer housing. The Co-op will be cleaning the hoses for you.
– Students – do you need 40 hours volunteer to graduate? If so, we can help you out. Come see us.
– Carbon monoxide detectors – if the date is 2008 or older on your alarm, please come and get a new one. 10 years is the maximum length of time you should have a carbon monoxide detector.
– Electronics – do you have electronics that you want to get rid of? Early in the new year we will open the hut and you can dispose of your unused electronics.
– Free tax preparation is being offered by a member in the new year. Call the office in January if you would like an appointment. This is specifically for lower income residents.
– Non members. If you have non members living in your unit, please apply for guest status from the Board. Just submit a request in writing to the office.

Deborah will be off between Christmas and New Year’s. Sach will be in the office 27, 28, 29.
Deborah will be checking e-mail. deborah@neilsoncreek.com
Sach will be monitoring the answering machine.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year.

Please remember that CHFT offers a Diversity Scholarship to students who live in the Co-op. The deadline is early February.
Have your student apply. If you don’t apply – you don’t have a chance. Neilson Creek has two students who receive the scholarship.
This applies to college, university or apprenticeship training program.
Check out CHFT’s web site.

Toronto Hydro customers who are low income, can apply for assistance through LEAP (Low income energy assistance plan). For more info, check out www.torontohydro.com or call 416-542-8000.

So, how is your driving? It has been mentioned by a number of members that some are driving too fast in the cul-de-sac. Pay attention please and slow down.

Garbage hut parking – just a reminder that parking on the fire route or in the garbage hut will get you a $250.00 ticket.
If you park in visitor parking – do not use a pass. If you drive a vehicle that has a pass in visitor parking you will lose the pass. Members are asked to please leave parking spaces free for visitors over Christmas.