Thanks to everyone who joined in the general membership meeting last week. It was nice to ‘see’ everyone and the positive comments about the Zoom meeting were nice to hear.

You have agreed to a 2% increase, therefore effective June 1, 2022, your new housing charges will be as follows:

2 bedroom $901 + $18 to update your last month’s deposit

3 bedroom $1003 + $20 to update your last month’s deposit

4 bedroom $1106 + $22 to update your last month’s deposit


** Please remember to send your regrets if you are not able to attend a general meeting.  Thanks.




A few notes and reminders:


  • Archie picked up 6 bags of garbage from around the Co-op last week.  While some is from people who dump as they pass Coronation, there is also a considerable amount of take out food garbage, planter bins, etc. 

Please do not dump old planters near or in the ‘forest’ area.  Dump nothing there!

Also, do not dump materials down into the ravine area.  It was mentioned at a maintenance meeting how much ‘stuff’ was dumped down the hill behind 235.  Archie checked it out.  Lots of broken patio stones, lumber, flower pots/planters, etc.  Archie will arrange to clean it up. Any offer of help would be appreciated.


  • PAINT vouchers are available and paint can be picked up on or prior to May 31.  There are no extensions to that date as it takes us into the next fiscal year.


  • GARBAGE BIN – arrangements have been made for a bin to arrive Thursday, April 28 and will leave Monday, May 2.  There will not be a second bin.  Also, please remember that everything you can put out in this bin, can also go out for regular garbage on grey bin days.  Everything!  This includes furniture.


  • Please uncover your air conditioner units.  Yard inspections will happen after clean up.


  • The maintenance committee has set the Co-op Spring Clean up for Saturday, April 23.  All members are expected to participate.  Bags will be available.  More details will follow.


  • Reminders:


Growing cannabis is not allowed in your unit and is grounds for eviction.


   Visitor parking – Please make sure no one who lives in your unit uses a visitor parking pass.  This is your responsibility as a member.


  Respect of neighbour is always a matter of consideration.  Whether it is how you keep your unit on the outside; how you drive in and out of the street; or how loud/bass or the music is in your house.  Please be aware that your actions often affect your neighbours.    R E S P E C T


SMOKE alarms & carbon monoxide detectors ** for your safety and that of your neighbours, please make sure your alarms are working.  There is absolutely no reason to have your alarms unplugged or not working.  PLEASE.


HOARDING – this is an issue for a number of households.  Please do a ‘self check’of your unit.  Hoarding is most certainly a safety issue.  If you need, rent a storage unit.  Due to new rules of insurance, risk management is a hot topic and the insurance company want all the units checked and this will be one item checked for.







Pet Policy  – a reminder that you each received a copy of the new pet policy.  Please read the policy and comply.  Each member must register their pet.  Sign an agreement.  Further, in accordance with the policy, you must provide:

  • Type of animal
    • Name of animal
    • Month and year of birth
    • Description and a picture
    • Licence number
    • Registration under a member’s name
    • Proof of inoculation


Please submit all of this information to the office.  It will be followed up by the Rules Committee.



  • Long Term Guest Policy – if you have a long term guest (many do!) you must submit the request for guest status to the office and you will be given a long term guest request form. 



Very happy that the Maintenance Committee has met and is working on plans for the spring and summer.


Rules Committee will be up and working soon.


Social Committee – call the office if you were on the Social Committee and want back on or if you would like to join the committee.  We are hoping to help get this committee back and running.



Best wishes for a happy spring.