We will be holding an open house for all members who wish to have input on the budget for the upcoming year.

The meeting will be held Wednesday, February 8 at 7:00 p.m. in the office meeting room.


The inspections have started at 245 and will be moving to 235.  Thanks to the inspection committee members who are volunteering their time to do these inspections.  Again, I ask that you please keep the assigned time for your inspection.  In only two days, there were a number of people who asked that their inspection date be changed.  While there may be reasonable reasons why you NEED the date changed, often it is not.  When someone is volunteering days and hours at a time over several months, you need to be respectful of their time.  Remember, the cost of an outside firm to do inspections is $150.00 + tax per unit.  Thank you.


We are planning an information session for those who currently live here only.  This will be for those whose who have a partner, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. or a child over the age of 18 who live here.

We will let you know exactly when the date will be.


A reminder that you are allowed one shed per back yard.  It must be 2 feet away from the fence and 6 feet away from the house. 
There have been a couple of complaints lately relating to loud partying and parking on the fire route.  This is a community where respect should prevail.  Please be considerate of your neighbours and the rules.