Budget offers support for affordable housing:

It’s time to secure the future of our co-ops!


Dear Friend,

Now we have real hope!

Canada’s federal budget was presented last Wednesday and co-op members across the country heard wonderful news:

The federal government will be investing $11.2 billion in building and protecting affordable housing.

More good news! A key part of the budget will help protect low-income households faced with expiring subsidies – including people living in housing co-ops. And the federal government has set itself a deadline for solving the subsidy crisis as part
of its new National Housing Strategy.

We are making history. Together, we have secured a critical investment that will protect low-income homes and secure a better future for affordable housing in Canada.

You helped make this happen. The voices of the quarter of a million people living in housing co-ops ring loud on Parliament Hill. Together, we mobilized and put co-op housing on the map. Thank you.

But our work is not done. The federal budget does not guarantee how much money will go to co-op housing. We need to ensure that co-ops are not forgotten when the funds are distributed. Your CHF Canada team is working hard to ensure that
housing co-ops get what they need from the budget.

And we need your help.

your MP it’s time for action!

What you can do: Take 60 seconds and send a message to your MP. Tell them that housing co-ops can help solve Canada’s affordable housing crisis – but first we need funding to end the subsidy crisis and protect our low income households.

Take 1 minute to speak up for our future!

You can make a difference.