Saturday, September 21 – 9:00 a.m. – Pancake Breakfast $3.00 each.
Come out. Have a pancake breakfast and fun!

The Social Committee will be holding a Fall Decorating Contest!
Let’s see your beautiful, autumn inspired front yards! We will be around on October 14th to judge your property.
The winner receives a $25.00 grocery gift card.
Tickets for a fall bounty basket draw, will be sold as well. The basket is good to use all year round.
Please be generous.

Saturday, October 26 there will be a Halloween Party at Neilson Creek.
There will be a Halloween Haunted Trail & bonfire outside
with goodies. Bring your flashlights for this exciting trek.
Inside will be for the smaller children with kiddie cupcake
crafts, treats, a movie and more.

We are looking for volunteers to help with all the wonderful events. One new
person came out on Monday to help with the planning, but we certainly need
** please clean up your front yards so the Halloween Trail can be exciting and safe.
** if you wish to make a cash or treat donation for Halloween, please let us know.

Thanks to the Social Committee and those who volunteer to help them.
These are great family events.